But There Is Something We Can Do About it

When Barack Obama took over as president, gas prices were at $1.87 a gallon. That was back in 2008, a year when gas dropped as low as $1.61 a gallon after a volatile year that saw prices climb over the $3 a gallon mark.

Democrats blamed the high gas prices earlier that year on President George W. Bush. In fact, then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promised that Democrats would make up for years of inaction and take the country in a new direction that would bring down the price of gas

I guess we all know how that worked.

Today, gas prices are double what they were when Barack Obama took office. Our country has a failed energy policy that keeps America from drilling for its own oil and natural gas and forces us to rely more and more on foreign countries, and puts us further into debt.

Something has to be done. Whether you are a Texan or a New Yorker, a Democrat or a Republican, every time we have to fill up the car with gas we all know one thing: GAS COSTS TOO MUCH.


This website was developed to give people a voice in the war against high gas prices. It will provide links to the latest news on gas prices and blogs from people about what they believe the country can do to deal with high energy costs. It will feature videos, produced by some of our partners, or sent in by average citizens that talk about how they are dealing with the high cost of driving, and how it is personally affecting their families. And we will show videos from politicians and patriots who are fighting the good fight and trying to bring gas prices down.

Pay attention to those seeking office who are making the cost of gas one of their top priorities. These are the people who understand pocketbook issues. And they recognize the fact that the higher gas prices go, the more it affects each of us not only at the gas pump, but also at the grocery store, the doctor’s office and in getting our families to where they need to go


Send us your video on how the price at the pump is affecting your every day life and what can be done about high gas

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